Growing up in Austin Texas…

was the perfect environment for Erik Vitela to explore his love of bicycles. The freedom that cycling provided was something that Erik wanted to harness forever.

Throughout Erik’s 18 years in the industry, he has honed his mechanic skills and knowledge about cycling by earning his certification from the United States Cycling Federation as a Professional Mechanic and Official. He completed training with various fit clinics to increase his knowledge on superior bicycle fitting.

In addition to working for the US Postal Service Domestic Cycling Team as a mechanic, he has also worked at some of Austin’s premier bicycle shops. In 2007, he was asked to assist Mellow Johnny’s bicycle shop get off the ground and running. In 2011, Erik served on the judges panel for the prestigious North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS).

Erik has supported Austin’s cycling community by volunteering as SAG Support for noteworthy causes, such as The Ronald McDonald Charity Ride and The Ride for the Roses. Team Peloton, Toyota United, Danskin triathlon, and Hotel San Jose Cycling have also seen Erik wrenching on the sidelines.

Erik truly enjoys helping people. His tenure at Pinnacle Elite Fitness provided him the opportunity to learn about a wide array of physical issues troubling athletes and enthusiasts. To that end, he understands how the complexity of biomechanics is affected by cycling or trauma. Solutions to these issues can mean a renewed enjoyment for the sport. Read what happy clients say.

Green Policy

Eco-consciousness is important at Pro Cycle Works. As a local business, we acknowledge and accept our responsibility to reduce our harmful impact on the environment. With this goal in mind, we make choices that will further our commitment to sustainability.

Some of these choices include:

Our concern for our future generation’s ability to enjoy the beauty of our landscape, challenges us to reduce waste and live greener.