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31 Dec

Flying With Your Bicycle

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S&S Coupler

S&S Coupler

Do you find yourself often traveling with your bike? You may want to consider choosing a tried and true solution to aid you in those traveling pains associated with bike shipping. If you fly with your bike, you are going to be penalized with oversize charges for the giant box you would be checking onto the plane. Financially speaking, in most cases you are better off renting a bike for a day or two. But, if you are like me, I would much rather ride my own dream machine then some boring rental bike!

This DeSalvo traveled through Istanbul.

This DeSalvo traveled through Istanbul.

S&S Couplers are a common name in the world of high-end bicycles. They provide a practical, space saving solution for transit without compromising the frame’s structural integrity. Couplers can be installed on most frames, but are most common on steel or titanium frames at the time of building, or as a retrofit by a qualified welder.  Essentially, the bike is broken down into two 26” triangles so that it can be packed into a case that is half of what it would be normally. The standard S&S cases are 26″ x 26″ x 10″ which totals to exactly the 62 inch limit.  The cases meet airline regulations for standard checked luggage, as of this post.


Bon Voyage!

28 Dec

Sugar: The Original Power Bar

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Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday was swell. If you are like me, the baked goods and sweets are plentiful during family celebrations. But after a while, you start itching to move, get out of the living room and onto the bike.

Winter is an ideal time for riding your base miles. Keeping a steady and slow pace prepares your body for spring’s intense rides.

Try riding indoors on rollers, which can help your technique and form. Plus, it is a challenge to stay focused on the act of riding itself.

I like to stow a couple of sugar cookies in addition to my regular snack for extra fuel. How else do you think Santa makes it around the world in one night?

07 Feb

Bike Theft? Oh, no!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Just like life to get busy. But, hey, I’m back with something fun. What if someone stole your bike?


Make sure you lock your bike. Half the benefit of having a lock is the deterrent factor.

I am currently rocking the OnGuard Bulldog Mini U-Lock.


It’s small enough to carry around when you are riding one handed after picking up tacos. Plus, you can’t beat the price at 30 bucks.


Erik Vitela

21 Mar

Did you say crack?

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Deda Newton cracked face plate

Deda Newton cracked face plate

Look close at this Deda Newton stem, what do you see? Upon initial inspection one might not easily notice this tiny crack on the stem’s face plate(Just a hair left of the top left bolt). This crack was not apparent until after my client’s Lite Speed road bicycle had thorough washing. If this small crack was not found, my client may have been caught descending without any handle bars! Take the time to regularly wash and inspect your bicycle. Small cranks may appear and spread even faster then you could ever imagine. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for wear and replacement. You might be surprised how short some products’ life span really is, when you read the fine print.