“When I first brought my bike to Erik, I had been rehabbing an injury (hip flexor/si joints) and was unable to pedal my bike more than 5 minutes without fairly intense pain. Erik understood completely how to set up a bike for someone with special needs like me, who was dealing with lower back and hip problems. His patience, thoroughness, and expertise resulted in a customized fit that enabled me to move out of rehab mode and back into fitness mode. In fact, after he set my bike up, I was immediately able to ride three times as long…in pain-free comfort! Over time, I have re-built my strength and have now completed two half-centuries, something I never thought would be possible! I highly recommend Erik and won’t let anyone else touch my bikes!”
– C. Criner

“I have been a cyclist for 37 years and a triathlete for the past 5 years. There are people who know about bikes and then there are gurus. Erik Vitela is a guru. Without a doubt the absolute best at what he does. My wife and I are extremely grateful for his advice and knowledge. Everthing he has told us and done for us is right on the money. I know have two bikes that I feel great on and I’m faster. My wife now rides without pain or discomfort and she’s faster than I am. After going to Erik you have no excuses. Thanks for everything Erik!”
– Dr. Milnor

“After my fit appointment with Erik Vitela of Pro Cycle Works, I immediately noticed an increase in power available from each of my pedal strokes, followed immediately by an even balance in the pressure on my saddle, bars, and pedals. The individual-oriented, personal attention was clearly effective!”
– L. Hauser

“My personalized fit has increased my average speed on my tri-bike by 3 miles per hour over the last 3 months! Erik and Procycleworks have found the perfect mold for me and my bike. They analyzed my form, style, habits, size, weight, and ability to give me the perfect “natural” fit for my bike. Thanks to their exact fit, I travel more comfortably on my longer rides. In no small way, their precision helped me finish my recent Ironman 70.3 ride in record time. Thank you so much for your time and dedication.”
– J. Woodford

“Two years ago I took a nasty spill off my mountain bike and spent months in physical therapy trying to heal my lower back sprain and the resulting sciatica. I couldn’t ride my road bike without numbness in my left leg and foot, and just couldn’t generate any power with my left leg due to the sciatica. Erik worked with me over the course of a few weeks to change my bike fit to alleviate the pain and numbness in my leg and foot. We adjusted everything from the seat post (angled to straight), moving the cleats on my shoes, my seat height and more! Not only was I able to ride with out pain, but the pain hasn’t returned (despite numerous falls) and I use my road bike frequently as a training tool for mountain bike racing. Erik is thorough, professional, and he listens and provides excellent customer service.”
– K. Karpinski

“His fit made my bike feel like a whole new machine and I melted into place on it! He spent time checking out my strengths and weaknesses to approach the fit from a dynamic perspective and not only did my power go up dramatically but my neck, shoulder and knee aren’t hurting anymore!! (Something I thought was going to need surgery one day) Erik’s studio bike shop is tucked away neatly behind Maria’s, off S. Lamar on the first floor of a residential building. He isn’t easy to find at first, but you realize why once you experience his highly personalized and undivided service while in his shop. He’s been riding, wrenching and building bikes for over 30 years and it shows. I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting a highly knowledgeable,pro-level bike guru.”
– J. Dykes

“Erik Vitela runs this excellent bike shop on his own, and does all the custom work with his own hands. He’s scrupulous and meticulously detail-oriented in every way and will not sell a less-than-top-notch product of any kind.

Erik just built me a custom titanium “Alchemy” bike and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. He guided me carefully through every step of the process of designing the bike, often giving me less-expensive options for equipment that was more extravagant than my needs. I was carefully measured and my former bike was adjusted as near to these ideals as possible — at which point I rode for several weeks to make sure the geometry of the new machine would be ideal for my body type and riding style.

I was very happy that I was able to get a bike with a locally-welded custom frame. Previous to meeting Erik I had investigated a lot of the very-high-end brands and he encouraged me to try an up-and-coming new company here in Austin. The results were phenomenal, and I know I’ll be riding this bike for many happy years to come. If you’re considering having a custom bike of any kind constructed, do yourself a favor and meet Erik before you decide to pull the trigger on another builder. He will make sure you have exactly what you need and at a price you can afford.Thanks to Pro-Cycle Works for my “dream machine”.” – R. Bass

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