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06 Feb

Bicycle Crash DIY First Aid Kit

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Mountain bike riding without a first aid kit?

Mountain bike riding without a first aid kit?

If you find yourself road cycling, touring, or mountain bike riding without a first aid kit, you may want to reevaluate the importance of certain items needed for your rides. No one likes having to stumble into the drug store after suffering a nasty spill, covered in road rash! Carrying a first aid kit is just as important as riding your bicycle with a cell phone, pump, spare tube, tire levers and patch kit.

This Life Line first aid kit is a good start for cycling.

This Life Line first aid kit is a good start for cycling.

It is a certainty that you will encounter an accident or a flat when biking. Be prepared. Basic kits like the 85 piece Life Line first aid kit will be your go-to when the going gets tough. Another excellent choice is the Brave Soldier crash pack, custom designed for road rash injuries. I always like to add a few extra items to my kits including hydrogen peroxide, extra gauze and saline solution. Make sure you consult your physician for follow up care after your bicycle accident. My personal recommendation is leave the scalpel at home, though!

28 Dec

Sugar: The Original Power Bar

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Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday was swell. If you are like me, the baked goods and sweets are plentiful during family celebrations. But after a while, you start itching to move, get out of the living room and onto the bike.

Winter is an ideal time for riding your base miles. Keeping a steady and slow pace prepares your body for spring’s intense rides.

Try riding indoors on rollers, which can help your technique and form. Plus, it is a challenge to stay focused on the act of riding itself.

I like to stow a couple of sugar cookies in addition to my regular snack for extra fuel. How else do you think Santa makes it around the world in one night?

16 Aug

Have you checked your chain lately?

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Have you checked your chain lately? Manufacturers such as Shimano recommend replacing your chain once the wear reaches between 0.075 mm to 0.1 mm. Using a chain measuring gauge like this Rohloff Caliper 2 chain gauge, allows for fast and easy inspection.

By pressing the tool into the chain, the amount of wear is measured and displayed. Once wear has reached 0.1mm, it is time to replace it. By knowing the wear, you can maximize shifting quality and chain life.

21 Mar

Did you say crack?

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Deda Newton cracked face plate

Deda Newton cracked face plate

Look close at this Deda Newton stem, what do you see? Upon initial inspection one might not easily notice this tiny crack on the stem’s face plate(Just a hair left of the top left bolt). This crack was not apparent until after my client’s Lite Speed road bicycle had thorough washing. If this small crack was not found, my client may have been caught descending without any handle bars! Take the time to regularly wash and inspect your bicycle. Small cranks may appear and spread even faster then you could ever imagine. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for wear and replacement. You might be surprised how short some products’ life span really is, when you read the fine print.