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20 Jul

Pro Cycle Works’ Standard Issue-The Continental Gator Skin

In Product Review by wrench / July 20, 2011 / 0 Comments


The Continental Gator skin is my standard issue on the majority of the road bicycles that I build at the Pro Cycle Works studio. It is phenomenal at contending with glass and road debris, yet maintains a supple, lively ride. Over the years this tire has evolved, starting with improved tread design to the most recent changes, a revised name. Originally, this hand made durable training tire was called the Ultra Gator skin. This tire is ideal for long distances when Caravan support is nowhere to be found.

However, don’t be fooled by the training tire category, its performance and pliable casing might surprise you. This tire has 3 layers of 180tpi of thread casing and Poly X technology, which is extremely dense fabric that helps prevent flats without affecting rolling resistance and minimal impact on rotating mass. The 700×23-folding version weighs in at a respectable at 230grams. This tire is offered in 700c-23-32mm, 27” and 26” options.


My personal favorite size is the 700x25c. Talk about an unbelievable ride with just a bit of cushion! Although you have a 30-gram weight penalty over the 700×23 Gator skin, one can easily justify the added comfort and reduced chance of pinch flats with this option. I prefer the tires at 100psi, but you can pump them all the way up to the max 120psi. This is a regularly stocked item at Pro Cycle Works, see for yourself.


04 Aug

The Flat From Hell

In Bike Love by wrench / August 4, 2010 / 2 Comments


I have seen more flats then I care to count working in the cycling industry, but this is a first! What are the odds you would roll over a nail on a ride? If you have been riding in Austin, I would say pretty good.  This nail clearly had the upper hand advantage  and  penetrated all the way through the DT RR 1.1. Needless to say,  the Continental Gator Skin tire was no match  for this framing nail.